Hi, I’m Milla Scutaru. As a Transformation Coach, it is my mission to help women shine. To awaken their inner power and begin to thrive as they create the most amazing version of their life. My background is in business and corporate environment.

I’ve learned through my own experiences as a woman, daughter, wife, life partner and friend that true happiness is not outside of us it is only inside.

The journey of self connection is not simple, the organised society, culture, religion and the social media confuse us a lot. Due to all this we become lost, we live as per other people advises, we don’t have dreams, goals and we don’t know what we really want.

The inspiration behind YouBefore came from my own personal journey trying to answer the questions we explore through this program.

Here I bring together the best practices from a wide range of trainers, psichologs, coaches, practitioners and thought leaders from across the globe.  

Thank you for being here with me!